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solo exhibition at Vox Populi in Philadelphia, PA on February 7-March 2, 2014 

Culled from hundreds of snapshots of sunsets, sunrises, and overall breathtaking landscapes shared and posted on variety of social media networks, the images are cut up and used as a palette for the ever-changing landscapes. This work alters the conventional use of personal nature photography, which often results a barrage of mundane, sterile and mass-produced sunsets, drained of sensuality. The act of processing and manipulating separated bodies of nature and experience, though somehow familiar, becomes impersonal, anonymous, perceptually unreal and abstracted. In the tradition of collage/montage these mostly still images are animated in Expanded Earthly World to produce an altered state of experiencing snapshots.



The exhibition consists of a 43-minute video animation and sound and a slide installation with 160 35-mm slides in 2 carousels, 2 slide projectors with timer. Video projected, Solar Motel is a 4-part suite animation suite. The work exists as both a live-feed video installation for live performance and a stand alone video piece.  The video is accompanied by music by Chris Forsyth. The projected 35-mm slides, Expanded Tourism (To Make This Mundane World Sublime) is re-imagining the travelogue of aspiring amateur photographers and tourists.



The exhibition was reviewed by Deborah Krieger in Title Magazine and Chip Schwartz in Knight Arts blog. Go to soundcloud to hear a recording of a conversation with Arcadia University Art Gallery Director, Richard Torchia and gallery guests on March 2, 2014.

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