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born in Manila, Philippines

currently lives in Philadelphia, PA


instagram: @madumlao




2003      MFA in Studio Art, Hunter College, New York, NY

2002      Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany (exchange)

1994      BA in Studio Art & Art History, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, NJ

1992      Rutgers Art History Program in Paris, France (summer session)



2022    Interlude Artist Residency

2021    Velocity Fund

            Philadelphia Photo Arts Center Artist Resident

2020    Leeway Transformation Award
            Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant

2019    Independence Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship

            CFEVA Visual Artist Fellowship

2018    Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL
2017    Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant

            Vermont Studio Center Residency, Johnson, VT

2016    The Wassaic Artist Residency, Wassaic, NY   

            The Common Field Convening Scholarship, Miami, FL

            Swim Pony's Cross Polllination Residency, Philadelphia, PA

2015    Robert Flaherty Film Seminar Fellowship, NYC (funded by Wyncote Foundation)

2009    free103point9’s AIRtime Residency, Acra, NY

2008    Public Art Fund’s In the Public Realm Finalist

2007    Puffin Foundation Grant (in collaboration with Brainstormers)

2006    Experimental Television Center Artist Residency, Owego, NY

2003    Experimental Television Center Artist Residency, Owego, NY

Artist Residency and Awards
Collaborative Projects



History in RGB, Palmer Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY (solo)

Natural History, 2-person exhibition with Talia Greene, Past Present Projects, Philadelphia, PA
Companions: Mas Masarap Magkasama, (in collaboration with Bahay215), The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, Philadelphia, PA



Thread, The College of New Jersey Art Gallery, Ewing Township, NJ (catalogue)

Through The Lens, Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA

Breathing Room, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Archives Reimagined, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center


one never remembers alone, USC Roski School of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA


Te Whāinga: a culturelab on civility, presented by Auckland Museum and Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, Auckland, New Zealand


The Project Mosaic 2018, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Lancaster, PA. (2-person exhibition)

Making Space: Leeway @25, The Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA
Womankind’s Art Exhibit, One Art Gallery, New York, NY

Electric Dreams and Other Strange Occurrences. Pingyao International Photography Festival in China. Pingyao, China. Curator: James Ramer

Then And Now, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA. Curator: Alexandra Chang

History in RGB, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (solo)


Hurry Up and Wait, Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA. Curator: Adriel Luis

History in RGB, Black Oak House, West Philadelphia, PA (solo)
Parallel Fields: Julianna Foster and Maria Dumlao, Recitation Gallery at University of Delaware, Newark, DE (2-person exhibition)

Boundaries, Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center, Riverdale, MD. Curator: Erin Devine and Phil Davis

Mimesis, Stage II, Icebox Project Space, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA (solo in collaboration with Eugene Lew)


Next To Nothing, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (solo) 


Isolated Fictions, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL. Curator: Caroline Picard/Lantern Projects
The Woodmere Annual, Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA. Curator: Sarah McEneany

Expanded Earthly World, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA (solo)



Biennial Arts Faculty Exhibition, Hicks Art Center Gallery, Newtown, PA

Vox Populi, The Front, New Orleans, LASpark Gap, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA



Alanta, Billboard Art Project, Atlanta, GASound Places, Commotion Festival, Philadelphia, PA



HOMELAND a screening of short films about place, Maas Building, Philadelphia, PA. Curator: Jesse PiresBiennial Arts Faculty Exhibition, Hicks Art Center Gallery, Newtown, PABucks Faculty Exhibition, University of the Arts-Hamilton Hall Galleries, Philadelphia, PA



Landscape Techne, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA. Curator: Kristen Neville-Taylor (catalogue)

Yet Another Roadside Attraction, The Richmond Billboard Project, Richmond, VA

Forecast, Little Berlin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA



tart@A.I.R., A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Curator: Kat Griefen

The Society of Korean Photography International Festival for Photography and Video, GoEun Museum of Photography, Busan, Korea (catalogue)


Creative Cartographies Film & Video Screening, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn, NY. Curator: Jeanne Gerrity.

Un/Veiled Visions, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Old Westbury, NY. Curators: Dahn Hiuni & Hyewon Yi.

The Main Event, Schroeder Romero Gallery, New York, NY. Curators: Trey Edwards & Thomas Seely.



1800FRAMES|Take3, The Jersey City Museum: Jersey City, NJ.

Video Dictionary, La Noche En Blanco: Matadero Madrid, Spain (catalogue)

1800FRAMES|Take3, Woods Hole Film Festival: Woods Hole, MA.

1800FRAMES|Take3, MomentFactory: Montreal, Canada.

1800FRAMES|Take3, The Pioneer Theater: East Village, NY.

1800FRAMES|Take3, SCOPENY Art Fair: Lincoln Center, NY-Cinema-Scope, New York, NY.



1800FRAMES|Take3, City Without Walls Main Gallery, Newark, NJ

Empire’s Feast, Firehall Arts Centre, Powell Street Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curators:  Jenny Ham and Cindy Mochizuki.

Alimatuan: The Emerging Artist as American Filipino, The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, HI.  Curator: Kóan Jeff Baysa.

Video Dictionary, Universidad de Alicante, Alicante, Spain

Video Dictionary, Image Forum Festival, Park Toewr Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Video Dictionary, Image Forum Festival, Goethe-Institute, Kyoto, Japan                



Video Dictionary, Impakt Festival, Casco Gallery, Utrecht, Holland

Video Dictionary, Loop:  The Video Art Fair ‘05, Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Spain

Faculty Exhibition, Pratt Institute at Munson-Williams-Proctor, Utica, NY

Empire’s Feast, Rush Arts Gallery, New York, NY.

Empire’s Feast, Video in Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Empire’s Feast, PH Gallery, New York, NY

Video Dictionary, The Video Art Foundation, Island Art Film and Video Festival, London, England



Video Dictionary, The Video Art Foundation, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

Re: Source, Art in General, New York, NY

Silhouette, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY (catalogue)



Naturbeobachtungen, Pfefferberg, Berlin, Germany.  Curators: Edmund Piper and Andreas Engler

MFA Thesis Exhibition, Hunter College (catalogue) (solo exhibition)

Inverse: Oslo , Galleri 21/25, Oslo, Norway



Video Trade , Interflugs, Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany

2002 Improvised and Otherwise: A Festival of Sound & Form, Williamsburg Arts Nexus, Brooklyn, NY






Solar Motel, The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA (live video and performance with Chris Forsyth and the Solar Motel Band

Fort Thunder Attaks...Again!, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA (in collaboration with Vox Populi artists)



It’s The End Of The World (Again!), PhilaMOCA, Philadelphia, PA (in collaboration with Michele Guieu)

Time Capsule, Sight and Sound, Billboard Art Project, Richmond, VA (in collaboration with Michele Guieu)



Real Time, Mabel Smith Douglass Library Galleries, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. (in collaboration with Brainstormers)



then and now: site specific works in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, LGBT Center, New York, NY. (in collaboration with Brainstormers) Curator: Christopher Hanway (catalogue)



Get Mad, Chelsea District, NY, NY (street performance in collaboration with Brainstormers and Guerrilla Girls)Making It Together: Women's Collaborative Art and Community, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY. (in collaboration with Brainstormers and Guerrilla Girls) Curator: Carey Lovelace

Air Kissing, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, PA. (in collaboration with Brainstormers) Curator: Sasha Archibald.



Air Kissing, Momenta Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Weather Report, 41st BAC International Film & Video Festival, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY. (in collaboration with Brainstormers)

Have You Seen or Herd?, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY. (in collaboration with Brainstormers)



Redhead, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York. Curator: Seth Cameron (in collaboration with Brainstormers)

The “F” Word ‘Zine Project, Brainstormers, The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA (in collaboration with Brainstormers)

How Good Are You? performance across from Armory Show, Pier 90, New York, NY (in collaboration with Brainstormers)



Point, performance in front of PS1, Long Island City, NY (in collaboration with Brainstormers)

The Go Show, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York, NY (in collaboration with Elaine Kaufman and Jane Johnston)

The Go Show, Brooklyn Community Access Television, Brooklyn, NY (in collaboration with Elaine Kaufman and Jane Johnston)



Relentless Red, One Arm Red, Brooklyn, NY (video installation in collaboration with dancer Estelle Woodward and musician Jeff Arnal)



Loophole, Dumbo Arts Festival , White Wave, Brooklyn, NY (video installation in collaboration with dancer Estelle Woodward and musician Jeff Arnal)

Cluster, Galapagos Art & Performance Space, Brooklyn, NY (video installation in collaboration with dancer Estelle Woodward and musician Jeff Arnal)




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An Ally, Isang Alay, at Manananggal.  2018, Letters to a Young Brown Girl,  Barbara Jane Reyes (author), Rochester, NY: B0A Editions, 2020, front cover.

History in RGB. 2018, Storyscape Literary Journal, cover art, Issue 20., 2018. Online Publication.

Sound of Art, vinyl LP, published by Art Fag City, 2010 (compilation)

Private Eye, NY Arts Magazine, Vol. 13, No. 5/6, May/June 2008: 84.

Brainstormers Report Photo Essay. Activisms, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Vol. 35, Fall/Winter 2007: 144-149. 6-page photo essay; Women’s Studies Quarterly/Feminist Press and the Center for Graduate Study at the City University of New York

Interrogation Mark. 2007, AnOther Publication, Front Cover, Summer 2007. Published by Piet Zwart Institute/Revolver. Edited by Katarina Zdjelar and Renée Ridgway.

Brainstormers Report: Scene & Herd, Volume 2, May 2007. (self-published), 8 pages.

The Cutting Edge and The Corporate Agenda. Women & Environments International Magazine, No. 72/73, Spring 2007. Published by the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto: 57-58

Brainstormers Report: Gallery Guide, Vol. 1, March 2006. (self-published) 12 pages





2009-present: Associate Professor, Bucks County Community College, Newtown, PA

2008: Adjunct Professor, SUNY College at Old Westbury, Old Westbury, NY

2005-2008: Head Technician, Parsons New School of Design Photo and Digital Lab, New York, NY

2006 2008: Adjunct Professor, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

2007: Substitute Assistant Professor (FT), Hostos Community College of CUNY, Bronx, NY

2005-2006: Adjunct Professor, Pratt Institute at Munson-Williams-Proctor, Utica, NY

2006: Photoshop Instructor, The Field/Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY

2005: Certified Television Producer, Brooklyn Community Access Television, Brooklyn, NY

2003-2005: Photo Edit Traffic Assistant, Time Magazine, New York, NY.

2002: Intern, Harvestworks Digital Arts Media, New York, NY.

2001-2002: Art Teacher, Avance After-School Program, High School of World Cultures, Bronx, NY

2000-2001: Studio Assistant, Michelle Stuart, New York, NY.

2000- 2001: Teacher's Assistant, Roy DeCarava, Hunter College, New York, NY






Juror, Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge, Philadelphia, PA

Guest Artist, Oh, Snap!, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA

Curator, And this is how you are a citizen..., Hicks Arts Center Gallery, Newtown, PA



Workshop Leader, First Friday Interactive Workshop at Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA
Panelist, Leeway Foundation Art and Technology Residency at NextFab

Speaker, Dialogic: MATERIALITY, 2018 SPE Annual Conference (Society of Photographic Education), Philadelphia


Panelist, Performing Collectivity (moderated by Jamillah James), Aux Performance Space, Philadelphia, PA



Co-coordinator, Fourth Wall, new media project space at Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA



Curator, The Big Idea, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA



Advisor, New Hope Film Festival, New Hope, PA



Jury Panelist, Manhattan Community Arts Fund for Visual Art, Media & New Media, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC

Panelist, 42nd Brooklyn Arts Council/BAC International Film & Video Festival, Brooklyn, NY



Panelist, Bronx Council on the Arts 2007 BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) Award, Bronx, NY

Panelist, The New Feminisms: Promoting Diversity, Outreach & Inclusion, Women’s Media Center, NYC.


2004 and 2003

Curator, Materiality of Sound in Image, Improvised and Otherwise: A Festival of Sound & Form,

Williamsburg Arts Nexus, Brooklyn, NY





2017-present   Jerry's On Front, co-founder of project space and music rehearsal rooms, Philadelphia, PA

2012-2018        Vox Populi, member of an artist-run collective and gallery space in Philadelphia, PA

2005-2011        Brainstormers, a multi-disciplinary art collective Co-founder & Co-organizer, New York, NY

2010-2011        Little Berlin, member of an artist-run collective and gallery space in Philadelphia, PA

2005-2010        tART, a Women’s Art Collective member, New York, NY

Teaching and Related Experience
Curatorial projects
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