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Natural History with Maria Dumlao and Talia Greene

November 5, 2022 – January 28, 2023

Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday 12pm - 5pm

Past Present Projects Gallery, Bok Building #203 1901 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia

Natural History is an exhibition of artworks by Maria Dumlao and Talia Greene. Both artists critically examine the ways that humans have altered the natural environment to suit their interests, while simultaneously expressing wonder and affection for nature. Maria Dumlao's print It's Just for You illustrates a cellular tower disguised as a pine tree — a familiar scene on American highways. The artwork's title references the irony of how technology is marketed as allowing us to appreciate nature, all the while interfering with the natural environment. Talia Greene's re-working of Henry David Thoreau's title page for Walden places a chain link fence around the author's rustic cabin in the woods. This image manipulation reminds us that access to nature has become restricted by privatizing land and natural resources.


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